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The Book of Shadows: An Alchemist's Story -Destiny's Box Edition-

The Book of Shadows: An Alchemist's Story -Destiny's Box Edition-

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The Destiny's Box is a limited to only 22 editions, because each edition contains a page from Andrea Aste's notebook featuring the original sketches of one of the Tarot major arcana cards. Boxes will be distributed randomly - destiny will choose which you receive.

You’ll get everything in the standard edition of The Book of Shadows plus a mysterious box from Destiny with:

  • One superior fine-art Giclée Print of a random Major Arcana card on heavyweight acid free archival Museum Paper giving a beautiful fibrous finish. The print is on A4 dimension paper measuring 210x297mm (approx 11.7 x 8.3").
  • One page from Andrea Aste's notebook featuring the original hand-drawn sketches showing the early stage work-in-progress of the same Major Arcana card’s creation. This is unique (1 of 1). The page measures 195 x 270mm (approx 7.5 x 10.5”).
  • Both, the giclee and the notebook page will be signed by the artist.
  • A special message from Destiny: a parchment with a reading inspired by Major Arcana that Destiny has selected for you delivered in a captivating and "magical" graphic style. This parchment is unique, having been aged by hand with a special technique devised by Andrea Aste.

The Book of Shadows: An Alchemist's Story

The Book of Shadows: An Alchemist’s Story is a multimedia project that will take you on a journey of discovery as we explore the meaning of Tarot and the nature of Magic via the power of imagination.

The Book of Shadows: An Alchemist’s Story is a multimedia project consisting of:

  • a Tarot Deck
  • a Book of Magic
  • a Mockumentary Film 

The Deck

This kaleidoscopic deck reinterprets the traditional archetypes associated with Tarot projecting them into an oneiric fantasyland inhabited by mysterious figures and mythical creatures.

It doesn’t rely on any specific cultural or historical references, so everyone, no matter their background, will find the imagery accessible and easy to interpret. The deck is intuitive for beginners and is easier to use, but at the same time still rich enough for expert readers.

I created this Tarot with a specific intent to be used to open new windows in our intuition and consciousness, freeing our imagination making it easy to give vibrant and inspiring readings. The ultimate tool of magic.

78 + 2 cards in the Rider Waite Smith tradition, printed in full colours on 400gsm high-quality paper, 120x66mm, packed in a tuck box.


The Book of Magic -Graphic Novel

The Book of Magic recreates a fictional history of Tarot transporting the reader into a vibrant dimension of light and futuristic marvels where alchemy, magic and science intertwine. However, in the darkness something is always lurking. Cunning plots and dangerous truths wreak havoc that could bring the world to the verge of collapse. The main character, the Alchemist, while trapped in an ancient epical war between occult powers, becomes a mere pawn in a much larger game and is cast into a cosmic odyssey beyond space and time. Tarot will have a pivotal role in this epic battle, yet it will come at a high price for the Alchemist, who conjured it….

Page after page, the story unfolds as the Book itself becomes part of the narrative as it itself transforms into a tome of magic interlacing Tarot, philosophy, art, reversals, and the numerology of pips. The reader will be immerse in a unique inspiring experience where reality, storytelling and Tarot magic are fused!

Showcased are also essays written by leading experts, Sasha Graham and Rana George, whose contributions to Tarot studies have revolutionized the way we use our decks.

John Matthews, living legend in the world of Tarot wrote a beautifully poetic text explaining the meaning behind of the cards with enlightening connections between my fantasy world and real world historical references.

200 pages, full colours, hardcover, 240x160mm. 

The Mockumentary -digital download-

The Book of Shadows is the historical thriller I have created as an artistic answer to the question "who invented the Tarot?” I imagined a visionary parallel world revolving around a mysterious manuscript and a deck of Tarot cards, obscure works of a fictional Alchemist. It is an adventure in a land of dangers, mysteries and untold truths, where alchemy, magic and science are intertwined in secret ciphers and cunning plots, all on a background of ancient struggles between occult powers.


London, 2010. After centuries of being hidden away, an obscure manuscript along with a pack of Tarot cards, both written in a mysterious unknown alphabet, are brought to light. CCB History attempts to unveil their secret by presenting the most accurate and complete documentary every filmed about this controversial subject, with the contribution of eminent experts: art historians, philosophers, experts in military cyphers and codes, logicians, historians and occult experts.

With the special participation of

  •  Prof. Roger Scruton writer and philosopher, Oxford University, UK
  •  Dr. Augustus Casely-Hayford, School of Oriental and African Studies, London University, UK
  •  Mary Greer, world acclaimed writer, teacher and Tarot reader
  •  Arturo Brachetti, world famous theater performer and international TV star, in the role of the super-villain
  • Director: Andrea Aste
  • Voices Over: Irving Bell & Arturo Brachetti
  • Script & Animation: Andrea Aste
  • Editing & Special Effects: Andrea Aste
  • Music: Giorgio Boffa
  • Language: English
  • Running Time 1h 25’
  • Italy, 2015


Price includes free worldwide shipping – this does not include custom charges

Please note that artwork is not framed. The Giclée Art Print and the Notebook Page will be shipped flat ready to be framed, and the dimensions of the artwork fit many of the "off the shelf" commercially available frames.

Each Destiny's Box Collectors Edition will be wrapped and packaged carefully to ensure safe travel, and it will be delivered to you via Royal Mail.

Delivery to UK usually takes approximately one week from ordering, and international delivery usually takes approximately two-three weeks.


Fine Art Giclée Print
210x297mm -A4 standard dimension- (approx 11.7 x 8.3")
Heavyweight acid free archival Museum Paper

Andrea Aste's notebook page  sketches 
195 x 270mm (approx 7.5 x 10.5”) 
Limited edition: unique (1 of 1)

24x16cm closed (9.5x6.3 Inch)
200 Pages
Hard Cover
Printed in full colours
High quality paper

78 + 2 extra cards
Rider Waite Smith tradition
printed in full colours
400gsm high-quality paper,
120x66mm (4.72x2.6 Inch)
packed in a tuck box

Running Time: 1h 25'
Language: English
English Subtitles available
-Digital Download-

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