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O-ra-co-la-ri-um (noun) - The first of its kind -

Oracolarium is both an Oracle (a tool to answer your questions) and an Imaginarium (a place to exercise your imagination). It's like a wunderkammer or cabinet of curiosities where you can connect with your intuition and inspiration.

Step inside this magical and multi-sensorial universe!

This immersive deck of 28 cards guide you through a journey that tells stories, answers questions, and connects the parallel worlds of tarot reading, divination, stage performance, and storytelling. The deck is accompanied by a Book of Spells that teach you how to use the deck from beginner to very advanced levels.

When viewed through a smartphone or tablet, the cards come to life via Augmented Reality: they speak to you and provide you with insights that will spark your intuition and creativity. Unique animations were created for each card by Andrea Aste, set to a specially composed soundtrack by Neil Kelso.

"an impressive artistic achievement ... a mesmerising cinematic experience
- BoingBoing  

The Oracolarium deck was successfully funded on Kickstarter in February 2020, and is now available to purchase!

Author: Andrea Aste & Neil Kelso
Animation and Art: Andrea Aste
Music: Neil Kelso


The Genesis Collectors Edition includes:

  • One Oracolarium Deck of 28 Cards.
  • One Black Organza Bag to keep your cards in.
  • One Triangular Spell Book which provides full meanings of the cards, suggested spreads, spells, and further information. The Spell Book also explains how to use the Augmented Reality app to bring your Oracolarium cards to life.
  • One Triangular Magnetic Box which perfectly fits your Spell Book and Deck.


Price includes free worldwide shipping – this does not include custom charges

Each Oracolarium will be wrapped and packaged carefully to ensure safe travel, and it will be delivered to you via Royal Mail.

Delivery to UK usually takes approximately one week from ordering, and international delivery usually takes approximately two-three weeks.


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